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Seeds used in handicrafts manufactured by an emberá-katío indigenous population displaced by violence in colombia

Frausin Bustamante, Gina and Trujillo Trujillo, Edwin and Correa Munera, Marco Aurelio and Gonzalez Betancourt, Victor Hugo (2008) Seeds used in handicrafts manufactured by an emberá-katío indigenous population displaced by violence in colombia. Caldasia; Vol. 30, núm. 2 (2008); 315-323 Caldasia; Vol. 30, núm. 2 (2008); 315-323 2357-3759 0366-5232 .

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The sale of handicrafts embellished with seeds is an important source of income for a displaced indigenous Emberá-Katío group that lives in the city of Florencia (Departamento of Caquetá, Colombia). We provide a list of the 34 plant species (23 genera in 10 families) used in handicrafts, as well as information on where and how the are obtained. Seeds of native legumes (family Fabaceae) are the main material used. Most manufactured items have seeds of Ormosia nobilis (Fabaceae), Canna edulis (Cannaceae), and Sapindus saponaria (Sapindaceae). About half of the plant species used by the Emberá-Katío are perennial trees. Except for the seeds of Coix lacryma-jobi (Poaceae) and Ormosia sp., which are obtained from other local indigenous groups such as the Koreguajes and Uitotos, all seeds are collected from small patches of secondary forest near or within the city. Because most plants used are native and widely distributed in the Neotropical region, we suggest that, despite cultural transformation, at least some cultural knowledge about native plants is still maintained, and we speculate that other Emberá groups might use the same or similar plant species. We also provide the Spanish and Emberá names of the plants used in the handicrafts

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